Welcome Future

Episode 10. The shadow side of productivity and visibility

April 15, 2021 Elaira Tickute Season 1 Episode 10
Welcome Future
Episode 10. The shadow side of productivity and visibility
Show Notes

In this episode, I tackle one of the misconceptions and shadow sides of productivity and visibility in business. I go deep to explain where it comes from, what is the root cause of it all, and how it is related to the matters of the heart.

I talk about society's glorification for doing, being busy, and working hard. As well, I explore general businesses' approach to visibility and the marketing concept of being constantly visible in order to be successful.

Keeping yourself busy and pushing to be productive often is a distraction from something you don't want to face or feel. It's a hiding place for your emotions and not met longing for connection. So, what you try to do this way is attempting to meet your need for connection through the back door.

"This game of productivity and visibility in our collective is actually fundamental game we are playing for hugely unmet internal need to be loved and seen. Productivity is our transaction of love. And visibility is our trade to be seen and validated".

In the end, it’s not about tools trying to be more productive, or more visible but looking within and trying to understand your longings and energy you create everything from.

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