Welcome Future

Episode 5. Wellbeing and stress

November 16, 2019 Elaira Tickute Season 1 Episode 5
Welcome Future
Episode 5. Wellbeing and stress
Show Notes

In this fast-paced world where doing more is highly encouraged and there is no enough room to rest, stress and wellbeing naturally became quite an important topic on the agenda. But what is it and what are key misconceptions about it?

In this episode, I invited the topic expert Sander Gremmen who is the owner of the company Crystal Clarity. The company supports people to reduce stress with the help of technology. And, as Sander says:

"We want people to care as much about their body battery as they care about their phone battery”.

Notes of the podcast:

  • What is wellbeing and why everyone talk about it now?
  • What is wellbeing at work?
  • How wellbeing is it different from stress? Or is it the same thing just a different side of the coin?
  • What is stress?
  • What are the biggest misconceptions about stress at work?
  • Everyone’s unique response to stress and what is causing stress.
  • How do you know what is draining you and what is not, especially when we have so many misconceptions about what is stress to us?
  • How do we know we recovered and what do we need to recover?
  • What is a recovery? What is the difference between rest & recovery and what are good recovery tips?
  • The difference between bad stress and good stress.
  • What is your best tip to manage stress?
  • What are the trends and the future of wellbeing at work?
  • What is your best tip to make the world a better place?
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