Welcome Future

Episode 2. How technology changed how we communicate

September 17, 2019 Elaira Tickute Season 1 Episode 3
Welcome Future
Episode 2. How technology changed how we communicate
Show Notes

In this episode, I invited Atish Kalyan, a founder and principal developer of a software consultancy company Monad Labs. We discussed how technology changed on how we communicate in business and how to manage a huge informational overload.

Show notes:

  • 2 major developments that changed how we communicate in business & positive results due to that.
  • How topology of companies changed with the internet and smartphones.
  • Struggles and downsides managing technologies.
  • The issue of E-mail and informational overload.
  • The problem of “presenteeism” and what it is.
  • Multitasking and how it impacts different generations.
  • How technologies and communication tools are shifting with Millenials and Generation Z coming into the workforce.
  • Is e-mail dead?
  • How e-mail is unique from other modern communication platforms.
  • How and when to choose the best communication medium.
  • How it can feel lonely in high positions with the overload of information.
  • Tips on how to catch up with the increasing amount of technologies and how to cope with the overflow of information.
  • What is the solution for the future?
  • What are arising technologies on how we will communicate in business?
  • The advantages of disengaging from technology.

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